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1. What is Transversal?

Transversal is a media organization created by young journalists and social scientists that aims to build an independent platform to host conversations capable of expanding the depth and breadth of socio-political debate.

2. What is our journalistic mission?

Because we are aware that mass media contributes, often negatively, to the configuration of reality, Transversal will fight information overload, reject hollow immediacy, and avoid external agendas. Transversal’s journalism asks us to rethink the collective imagination from a close, plural, and analytical journalistic praxis through testimonies filled with details. We do so by sharing knowledge and dialoguing, as well as creating a participative public debate.

3. Why Transversal is important

Transversal aspires to become a key media platform for anyone who dares to look at reality from a critical and argued perspective. To achieve this implies breaking with the old media agenda of information for information’s sake. We believe there is a need to discuss directly what concerns us, to propose potential solutions, and to look forward into the future.

4. Transversal in context

We are creating a new path that deviates from the prevailing one as we attend to those cross-cutting and transversal issues that no dignified person can ignore. We understand that dignity is a wide concept and its definition is constantly changing. The transversality applied to the media represents an approach whose function is to bring together worldviews as well as to host, investigate, and disclose the conversations that emerge from these clashes of opinion. For this purpose, this Magazine invites people to participate through debate and we welcome all perspectives.

5. You are Transversal if…

You are Transversal because you understand that reality may not be pleasant or simple but that it must be understood in order to live in this world. That's why, instead of ideas and stories that lead you to resign yourself to failure and apathy, you choose stories that move you and that allow you to imagine yourself as an active subject within the reality that surrounds you.

Transversal's Guiding Principles

1. Editorial independence: Transversal Magazine was born to overcome the limits of the prevailing journalistic model and applies self-criticism of the Fourth Estate.

2. Diversity of outlooks: Transversal aspires to become a platform based on argumentation and debate from different points of view while featuring richness of details. Therefore, a transversal audience shares opinions, ideas and knowledge, and thus contributes to the nurturing of discourse.
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3. Honest thinking: Transversal is a project founded on informative rigor and a predisposition to self-observation. We practice journalism frankly and fearlessly.

4. Co-creation: This Magazine is conceived as a collaboration of plural voices. We want to hear from civil society independent journalists, NGOs, and research groups. We believe Transversal is under permanent construction.

5. Human, social and environmental interests prevail: Based on the idea that sustainability has a direct implication on Human Rights and social change, Transversal is committed to environmentally conscious practices and discourse. We have created a platform of ideas and content that shares the conviction that we can share a possible sustainable future. This enables us to interpret reality in a more enriching way and avoids defeatism and defensiveness.

6. Change is the only constant: We believe it is necessary to address present and future challenges. We want to help solve the multiple crises that are already with us: climate, mass migratory, economic, war, and the rise of transhumanism. The only way to address these challenges is through new thinking.

7. Glocal approach: Although these are global problems, we understand that the search for solutions must be built, discussed, and mobilized from the local level. This magazine is a platform to expose these ideas and create synergies with global stakeholders.

Transversal's Editorial Mission