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Help Us Boost Transversal!

We want to produce original documentaries to showcase stories that inspire.



We have been building this independent editorial project for seven years, focusing on present and future challenges through in-depth interviews, photo-reportages, and podcasts

The way we do journalism is based on an honest and diverse approach in order to make Transversal a space for meeting and dialogue that goes beyond traditional media discourses. Most of the Transversal community is located in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, the United States, and France, among others.

While we work to highlight emerging artists and talents, we are developing our own strategy to continue to be an agent of change in a world conditioned by Artificial Intelligence. We are also involved in the design process of a technological application conceived to increase the quality and scope of the issues that really matter. 

We need your support to build a true transversal society. Shall you join us?

Help Us Boost Transversal!